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Best hearing Aid . The reputable Siemens brand has been known for creating quality hearing solutions throughout its history. Siemens hearing instruments was recently acquired by Sivantos, Inc. and will continue to be branded as Siemens during their transition period. Sivantos has begun using the Signia name for its recently developed hearing devices. Signia and Siemens hearing instruments offer a wide range of high quality hearing aids. They design and build hearing aids with care combining their knowledge with the latest innovations in automated sound processing technology. They offer a wide range of hearing solutions and accessories to cater for almost any hearing need and preference.Best hearing Aid . Why Signia Siemens Hearing Aid?Best hearing Aid . Today’s listening environments are more complex than they were even twenty years ago. Busy lifestyles combined with the constant use of mobile and digital devices now means you need hearing devices that can literally ‘go with the flow.’ That’s where Signia & Siemens hearing instruments and accessories deliver exceptional solutions and value. Signia & Siemens hearing instruments offer Bluetooth® for hearing devices so you can regain those important connections in life.Best hearing Aid . Best hearing Aid . Hearing aids from Signia now come in smaller models and styles so that even kids and teens can wear them discreetly. Rechargeable models are also available, as are devices to help with tinnitus. This is the moment where technology really can really help you enjoy life more. The personal Hearing Consultants at HearingPlanet are ready to help you improve your quality of life.Best hearing Aid . Rechargeable: Eliminate the hassle of changing small batteries weekly with the Signia hearing instruments rechargeable hearing aid. These hearing aids are placed in a charger each night and are ready to go in the morning. Plus, the charging unit also acts as a hearing aid dryer to eliminate moisture and humidity to prolong the life of your hearing aid.Best hearing Aid . TwinPhone: This is one of Signia’s new features. When you hold a phone up to your ear, the caller’s voice will stream into both hearings aids, giving you twice the input. For example, if you pick up the phone on the right side you would hear the phone call in your left ear also.Best hearing Aid . HD Music: Any musician or music lover can tell you that experiencing live music is vastly different than listening to recorded music. Signia Primax hearing aids take this into account and have different settings for varying types of musical environments. So whether you’re watching a live show, playing an instrument yourself, or listening to recorded music, you’ll have a great listening experience. Signia | Siemens Hearing Aid Models Siemens Insio Primax Proving yet again that big things do come in small packages. Signia Motion Primax A simple, comfortable solution you can put on and forget about. With all the technology you need to stay connected to your world, Signia Motion won’t slow you down.Best hearing Aid . Siemens Pure Primax Designed and engineered for discretion, Signia’s Pure packs the latest acoustic technology into a super-small size. Available in four performance levels. Signia Pure 13BT Primax Fully featured. Binaural. Effortless. The premium design and high-end features of Pure primax hearing aids deliver outstanding and effortless hearing. And many more . Best hearing Aid .
A daily commute can be draining but Signia’s longer-lasting Pure Charge & Go Siemens Rechargeable hearing aids keeps going as long & far as you are. True to its name, Signia's Pure Charge & Go Siemens Rechargeable hearing aids can be fully charged while you sleep so that it’s always ready to go.
Signia new Hearing aid CROS Silk Nx delivers a natural hearing experience in its discreet size, instant fit, and exceptional sound quality. Hearing aids supports Ultra HD e2e for the most natural sound quality everywhere, even when listening to music with over-ear headphones.
Best Hearing Aids Dr Sunil Patil Best hearing Aid . Hearing aids from Signia now come in smaller models and styles so that even kids and teens can wear them discreetly. Rechargeable models are also available, as are devices to help with tinnitus. This is the moment where technology really can really help you enjoy life more. The personal Hearing Consultants at HearingPlanet are ready to help you improve your quality of life.Best hearing Aid . Contact us-08071280961
What jobs carry the highest risk of hearing loss? 2018-05-30   Long before the industrial revolution, we humans were only exposed to loud noise with the occasional storm or large gathering. But today, it’s a very different picture. Lots of us only need to head off to work to experience loud noises that are strong enough to cause actual damage to our hearing. This doesn’t necessarily mean that noises need to be extremely loud. We measure sound in decibels (dB) which is a measure of intensity and just 80-85 decibels are enough to cause hearing damage within eight hours. That’s roughly the equivalent of the sound of busy traffic. You can then imagine that over the course of a career, such continued noise exposure can add up to work-related hearing loss, directly related to the conditions of work. Below we consider some of the different careers that lead to the risk of hearing loss. Airport staff Those who operate as ground support staff, especially those who are constantly moving baggage and vehicles on the tarmac, are consistently exposed to loud engines of the aircraft as well as having to strain to communicate across the noise. The level at which hearing loss begins to occur is 85 dB or higher and the jet engines of airplanes emit sound up to 140 dB. This shows the pressure your ears are exposed too. It’s not just sound that can deteriorate hearing over time, the pressure of the engines with the force they emit can also contribute. Entertainment Venue and Tour Managers Besides the loud crowds and music that catapult sound levels to over 110 dB, event and entertainment managers who work at lounges and clubs, as well as security staff that work at concerts, are usually at risk of hearing loss due to their close proximity to loudspeakers. Nightclub and concert venues tend to place loudspeakers all around the room and by the stage. Those playing on stage will also increase the sound levels when using amps. Combine this with screaming fans and rising sound levels and you can see how long-term exposure can lead to hearing loss. Construction and land development Dangerous sounds are all around at construction sites. Many people in that profession suffer from hearing loss after long-term work at a construction site. Take for example the fact that jackhammers and chainsaws rise to 110 dB and sandblasting can reach 125 dB. Even the use of ear muffs and other aids to help block out noise can only lessen the impact. These are just some of the various jobs that carry a high risk of hearing loss. Others include motor racing support staff, military employees, musicians, agriculture and more. How to protect yourself against noise-induced hearing loss If you find yourself in a profession that can increase your risk of noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus, then here are some precautions you can take. – Wear gear that is protection for your ears (even for short periods of exposure) – Remove yourself from the source of loud noise if you don’t need to be around it – Never drown out loud noise with other noises. This will only add to the noise pollution – Have regular hearing tests to monitor your hearing. This will allow you to take more necessary precautions if your hearing is worsening. If you’re worried about your risk of hearing loss, then take the Signia online test to see if you might have hearing loss. It important that this is confirmed by a hearing care professional to ensure the right treatment. Our online test is easy and simple. It can help give you peace of mind, or help you take the next step in treatment.
Signia best hearing aids explains why Millenials are at risk of noise-induced hearingloss due to the use of certain headphones and too-loud music.
Are you using an Apple iPhone? The iPhone is the ideal smartphone for hearing aid users, and Signia hearing aids take full advantage of the amazing streaming and easy pairing features.
Thanks to its rechargeable lithium-ion power cell, Signia’s Pure Charge & Go hearing aids offers a long-lasting, superior hearing experience. Just 30 minutes charge delivers 6 hours wear, unlike Z power which requires longer charging periods.
The myControl™ App puts complete control of your new Signia hearing aids at your fingertips. It offers advanced remote control options via your smartphone so you can change settings — including volume, programs, and notification sounds — remotely to personalize your hearing aids according to your individual preferences. It also allows you to adjust the volume when streaming audio from your TV to your hearing aids with excellent quality. The my control app even works when your phone is in airplane mode. Its my speech at Sunil Patils my speech and hearing aid clinic.